Final Expense

Aged Final Expense Leads

Looking to save a bunch of money on your final expense leads while increasing your leads volume. You might want to consider Aged final expense leads. Aged final expense leads are great for phone rooms and call centers. They are also very effective when disbursed amongst multiple agents. They are also perfect for those accepting leads from multiple states.

Some assume that because these are “aged” final expense leads they are not as good but we want to emphasize that the age does not compromise the quality of the leads. In fact is some cases the leads can be even more effective. Many of these leads where not followed up on properly, or the customer was not ready to purchase at the time the where contacted, leaving you in a very good position to utilize this powerful marketing tool.

A lot if insurance agents find aged leads are extremely beneficial in that they offer them a higher insurance lead volume at a much low rate, so they are able to reach more perspective clients while saving a lot of money. Ultimately our aged final expense leads coupled with our competitive prices are designed to allow you to spend more time selling final expense insurance and less time prospecting for new clients.

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